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Our Story

Our story begins with a mom who loves to create goodies for her little girl. With a curious mind, a passion to create and an appreciation for food she founded Kintry and the rest, as they say, is tasty.Kintry is a homegrown Malaysian Snack Company which aims to create healthy snacks from scratch. Made with premium natural ingredients our  products are developed with love and we hope that once you’ve taken your first bite, you are brought back to the familiar tastes of home. We have created a range of artisanal snacks consisting of salted egg potato crisps, cookies and granolas. Our snacks are made in a clean commercial kitchen and we are Mesti and Halal certified by JAKIM. We are a vegetarian-friendly company and do not handle any meat products in our factory. We have now expanded our product range into Singapore via appointment of Food Discovery Singapore UEN 53419141W as our exclusive importer and distributor registered with Singapore Food Authority ( SFA ).

Behind the name

Coming from a family who loves food we would always look into the pantry for snacks to eat. It made me come up with a few names and this name stuck. Kintry is short for Kindred Pantry, I went through a couple of names with Amelie, who was about 2 at the time. We tried some longer names and some shorter words and when she liked a few of the phrases I put them together and asked her to choose one and she loved Kintry. Coincidentally the name sounds like “坚持” in Chinese which means persevere therefore we now use this as our Chinese name too. It has lots of meaning for me and the business, to persevere through the hard times and to never stop moving forward.

Behind the products

The recipes were created by me through countless nights of R&D. People who know me know that i am a super random person, it would just suddenly hit me that I wanted to test a certain recipe and I would wait till Amelie fell asleep and I would creep into the kitchen and spend my nights testing recipes. While I was testing the Salted Egg Yolk Crisps, one of my neighbors told me she could smell the curry leaves at like 2am! The granolas came to me on a whim while I was having cendol and caramel popcorn (on difeerent occasions of course). I absolutely love the taste of gula melaka and salted caramel! The salted caramel granola it was one of my hardest recipes to master and I just couldn’t seem the get the texture right. 

Behind the packaging

Our 1st edition packaging was just a clear pack with a Kintry logo sticker on the top. If you noticed our 2nd edition packaging has a little girl looking into a bottle, it is actually a portrayal of Amelie and its perfect because she’s such a curious soul so every time she looks at the packaging she says, “that’s me right ma? I love to look at things!” She was my main inspiration for the brand, the name. the cookies was made specially for her and every time I baked a batch she would come running to the kitchen for more. Our latest edition has snapshots of my family. We wanted a very cultural Malaysian element to it, naturally as we’re proud to be Malaysians! As you can see the each image tells a story, be it my dad and Amelie buying snacks from the rotiman or my mum, sister, nephew and Amelie having breakfast at a cafe in melaka. The sketches are drawn by a very talented local artist, Szetoo Weiwen, to draw the illustrations on our new packaging. With her very Malaysian illustrations, we are really hoping to bring bits of our memories and culture to everyone.


When we first started we joined lots of pop-ups around Klang Valley and meeting customers and talking to them gave us a lot of insight. Just seeing how everyone was happy eating the snacks is a great achievement for Kintry, when customers come back and tell you what they love about the snacks it just makes you feel happy when you’ve made someone else happy. I remember thinking in the beginning about whether the snacks would ever be on supermarket shelves. So when our first batch of stocks were placed we were ecstatic and it was a major milestone for the brand.

Social Initiatives

I have a small social initiative called Kintry Kindness, it’s basically just a way where we reach out to help others. We work closely with Sze Women of Hope and UNHCR running classes and helping out when we can with refugees. We donate when we can to various homeless shelters and food banks around KL. Going for talks earlier made me realise there’s a need to reach out, especially to women. Some have the strength to be able to have a voice but there are many who don’t and feel bullied. I don’t know what I can offer right now but I just want them to know they have a voice and I would love to help in any way possible, even with simple things like leading them towards the support lines for counselling or shelters. I hope to get more involved with youth and women and would love to work on self-confidence and anti-bullying in schools and workplaces in the future. We also work closely with oil recyclers and food waste companies to try to minimise our environmental impact.