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KINTRY Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisps starts from SGD 3.30

Our potatoes are thinly sliced and hand-cooked to perfection with each crisp coated with REAL salted egg yolks, fragrant curry leaves and fiery chili. Ah, good things always have a way of coming together. So go on, satisfy your cravings but don’t say we didn’t warn you, these are so ADDICTIVE you just cant stop.

KINTRY Back to Work Care Packs

Appreciate your team with a jolly good healthy snacks. Keep them healthy during this challenging time ! Save big with bundled discount for back to work various supplies. Buy or customize yours! Fast Shipping

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KINTRY Singapore

Our story begins with a mom, who loves to create goodies for her little girl. With a curious mind, a passion to create and an appreciation for food she founded Kintry and the rest, as they say, is tasty. Our snacks are lovingly hand-crafted from scratch. Cerita kami bermula dengan seorang ibu, yang suka membuat goodies untuk gadis kecilnya. Dengan minda yang ingin tahu, semangat untuk mencipta dan menghargai makanan yang diasaskan oleh Kintry, seperti yang mereka katakan, ianya sedap. Makanan ringan kami dibuat dengan sentuhan kasih sayang dari awal. 我们的故事始于一位妈妈,为她心爱的女儿创造美食。她创立了Kintry,以好奇的心态,对食物的热情和欣赏,创建了Kintry,我们的美食小吃都是用手工和爱心精心制作的。



We work with various organizations, giving you the Best Deals to your members and Care Packs to your team.

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